Dr. Panjabrao alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh



श्री शिवाजी शिक्षण संस्था, अमरावती


Objectives of Society

Dr. Panjabrao alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh, the first Agricultural Minister of India, established Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati in the year 1932 for the following purposes:

1. to establish, conduct, manage, supervise and take over educational institutions of various kinds for boys, girls and adults;

2. to provide facilities for the acquisition of knowledge and information and the advancement of culture;

3. to undertake and make available facilities for research in all braches of knowledge and to establish institutions for the purpose;

4. to carry on experiments with a view to improving methods of teaching and to establishing institutions for this purpose;

5. to encourage physical culture and to start, conduct or manage institutions for this purpose;

6. to encourage women's education by establishing special institutions like hostels, widows' homes, nursing schools, etc.;

7. to establish hostels for poor boys and girls and to open and conduct orphanages.

8. to co-operate with the government other Societies, institutions and bodies for the purpose of promoting the cause of education and spread of knowledge and culture;

9. to establish, start conduct and manage printing presses for publishing books, periodicals journals and other educational material;

10. to undertaking farming, gardening and to acquire land on lease, or to purchase land for the same purpose;

11. to start other subsidiary activities and institutions such as the establishment of stores, medical aid societies etc.;

12. to help, assist, aid any institution under the management of the Society or otherwise, by advice, guidance and supervision;

13. to organize exhibitions and culture- weeks, etc.;

14. to organize and run tournaments, competitions Olympiads etc.;

15. to undertake publicity and propaganda by all possible means, such as films lectures, debates and demonstrations;

16. to hold, organize, arrange and manage conferences, seminars, Kavi Sammelans etc.;

17. to acquire property, both movable and immovable, to raise funds for carrying out the objects of the Society;

18. to do each, every and all such things as are incidental or helpful or conducive to the accomplishment, attainment, and furtherance of the above objects.