Dr. Panjabrao alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh



श्री शिवाजी शिक्षण संस्था, अमरावती


Hostels By Society

Shri Shraddanand Hostel, Amravati

Among the hostels of the Society, the Shri Shraddanand Hostel deserves special notice. Shri Shraddanand Hostel, Amravati was established by Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh in the year 1926, immediately after his return to India after completing his studies in England. It has been registered under the Societies Act. of 1860

This is a unique institution which since its establishment admits boys of all castes, creeds, and religions, including Harijan, Adivasi and Muslim boys. The boys are provided lodging and board free of cost or at nominal cost. At present there are 290 boys in this hostel, belonging to 32 different castes, including Brahmins, Muslims, Malis, Harijans, Kinbis, Gonds, Korku, Pardhi, Pradhan, Dhanger, Kalal, Teli, Banjar, Kasar etc. About 50% of the boys have been admitted completely free. Some pay half the charges and some others pay one-third. A sum of Rs. 18/- per month is sufficient for the lodging and boarding arrangements for a student. The management is able to manage at this phenomenally low cost because of careful supervision and devoted management. Almost every student in this hostel gets some concession or the other in the institutions of the Society in which he receives education. The institution has been running very smoothly all these years. It may be mentioned that many of the inmates took an active part in the independence movement and even suffered imprisonment. The Ex-Superintendent, Shri Pharkade was convicted to three years RI in 1942.

Shradhanand Hostel for Girls

The Shri Shradhanand Society established the Shradhanand Hostel for Girls in the year 1953, as it found that owing to the increase in the number of girl- hostellers a separate accommodation for them needed to be provided. It received government grant from the Central Social Welfare Board to the extent of Rs. 3,000/-, to which the Society added its own Rs. 5,000/-. Thus Rs. 8,000/- have been spent on this institution since the date of establishment. At present there are 30 students in the hostel. The students study in various schools in Amravati, and are not required to belong to the schools run by the Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati alone. The hostel is in need of a separate building of its own. At present it is located in a temporary structure.


S.N. Name of Hostels City District
1. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Nimbha Akola
2. Shri Shivji B.C. Boys Hostel Kutasa Akola
3. Shri Shivji B.C. Girls Hostel Nimbha Akola
4. Shri Shivaji Kisan Boys Hostel Akot Akola
5. Shri Shivaji Mahavidyalaya Hostel Akola Akola
6. Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Medical Girls Hostel Amravati Amravati
7. Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Medical Boys Hostel Amravati Amravati
8. Gramsevak Training Hostel Amravati Amravati
9. Janta Vidyalaya Boys Hostel Amravati Amravati
10. Panchayat Raj Training Centre Amravati Amravati
11. Rural Institute Boys Hostel Amravati Amravati
12. Rural Institute Girls Hostel Amravati Amravati
13. Shri Shivaji Agriculture Boys Hostel Amravati Amravati
14. Shri Shivaji Arts & Commerce Boys Hostel Amravati Amravati
15. Shri Shivaji Edu. Society Boys Hostel Amravati Amravati
16. Shri Shivaji Edu. Society Girls Hostel Amravati Amravati
17. Shri Shraddhanand B.C.Girls Hostel Amravati Amravati
18. Jijamata Mahavidyalaya Hostel Buldana Buldana
19. Shri Shivaji B.C.Boys Hostel Ancharwadi Buldana
20. Shri Shivaji B.C.Boys Hostel Hetedi Bk Buldana
21. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Isoli Buldana
22. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Kinhola Buldana
23. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Masrul Buldana
24. Shri Shivaji Boys Hostel Chikhali Buldana
26. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Wanoja Washim
27. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Darwha Yeotmal
28. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Khairi Yeotmal
29. Shri Shivaji B.C. Boys Hostel Nerparsopant Yeotmal