A Life Sketch of Bhausaheb

Dec. 27, 1898 Born in the Kadam family at village Papal, Dist. Amravati.
1906-1910 Primary Education at Papal
1910 to 1918 Middle School Education at Karnaja and High School Education at Amravati.
1918 to 1920 College Education in Fergusson College, Pune
25th August 1920 Went to England for Higher Education.
21th Sept. 1920 Admitted in Cambridge University.
October 1921 Passed Bar-at-Law Examination.
25th January 1925 Awarded Ph. D. Degree. Subject of his Research was Origin
& Development of Religion in the Vedic Period". Obtained Degree of Bar-at- Law.
July 1925 Returned to India after completion of his Education. Pleaded the case of 'Enemies of the Nation', successfully.
December 1926
Stared Shri Shraddhanand Hostel for poor students & provided free Lodging & Boarding. Started Gymnasium for young students. Worked as a teacher in the Maratha High School.
28th August 1927 Started movement for admitting the harijians & untouchables into the Temple of Amba Devi.
13th Nov. 1927 Held conference in Amravati for removal of unsociability along with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and carried on movement for admission into the Amba Devi Temple and discussed the issues with the trustees, successfully.
26th Nov. 1927 Ku. Vimal Tai Vaidya. It was and intercaste marriage.
1928-1930 1) Established Shetkari Sanghatana.
  2) Elected as Chairman of District Council, Amravati.
  3) increased cess form 18 paise to 27 paise for development of primary Education.
16th Dec. 1930 Appointed as minister in the Ministry of old Madhya Pardesh & Berar as minister for Education, Agriculture, cooperation and Public works.
1931 Elected to legislative council of Madhya Pradesh.
1931-32 Established Shri Shivaji Education Society,Amravati
1933 Resigned Ministership to protest against casteist politics
1935-38 Established relationship with Prince of Kolhapur and Nizam of Hyderabad and obtained economic aid for the development of Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati
1939 Chairman of Maratha Shikshan Parishad and express secular views.
1942-44 Worked as Minister of State of Devas State and Advisor to the Prince of Dewas and member of the Council of State of Devas.
1944 Pleaded the case of Freedom Fighters and Azad Hind Sena
1946 President of Amravati District Congress Committee.
1948-1952 (i) Member of the senate Nagpur University & was awarded
Hony , LL.D.
  (ii) Established Shivaji Lok Vidyapeeth and it was inaugurated by Hon 'ble Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India
  (iii) Established All India Backward Classes Federation.
1952 Appointed as Minister for Agriculture, Govt. of India in the
Cabinet of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.
1955-56 Started "Bharat Krishak Samaj" Young Farmers Forum.
  Became President of International Rice Production Conference
1957-58 Appointed as minister for co-operation, Govt. of India.
1958-59 Established 'Bharat Krishak Sahakari Bank'
1959-60 Organised world Agriculture Fair.
1960 Led a delegation of farmers to the USSR.
1961-62 Became Persident of International youth Federation.
  Led the delegation to Cairo.
  Established Chhatrapati Shivaji Education Trust at London.
Apr 10, 1965 Expired in Willingdon Hospital, Delhi.