Infrastructure of Society

Swimming Pool

In order to fulfill one of the objects of the Society regarding promotion of sports activities in Amravati District, Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati has constructed a swimming pool of Olympic standard. It has been named after the late Anant Panjabrao Deshmukh, the son of the Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh. The Government of Maharashtra also contributed Rs. 21,00,000/- for completing the swimming pool.


Shivaji Printing Press

The Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati established the Shivaji Printing Press in 1947. At the outset a capital expenditure of Rs. 75,000 had to be incurred on the establishment of the Press. On account of the increased activities of the Shri Shivaji Education Society and heavy expenditure required on printing, a great need was felt for the Society's own press.

Smruti Bhavan

The younger generation is sadly unaware or only half aware of the life and times of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh. To rectify this situation, it was decided to during the centenary celebrations of Dr. Deshmukh to erect a spacious Memorial for him. Among other things, the Memorial complex would also display photographs of events and activities related to his life, his work, his efforts towards the nurturing and expansion of the Society, and his role as a Union Agricultural Minister, Government of India. The Memorial complex has been constructed under the supervision of Shri Shailendra Kolhe, architect of Amravati